The Beverly Hills Police Foundation

Where Do Members Of The Beverly Hills Police Family Turn When They Need Help?

The Beverly Hills Police Foundation

Dear Friends, Dave Snowden

I am honored to serve as the President of the Beverly Hills Police Foundation. The Foundation provides individual financial assistance to our Police family members in times of urgent need. Sometimes it is as simple as helping to pay for a plane ticket to get a child to the proper medical facility for an emergency procedure or filling the gap in an insurance policy for an operation that will change a life. Our goal is to be there when our family has a crisis and to help them get through it.

The Foundation distinguishes Beverly Hills from almost every other city in California. It is a symbol of our community’s partnership with the people who protect and serve this great city. It is one of the reasons Beverly Hills is able to attract the finest professionals in law enforcement. I hope as you become familiar with what we do, you too will share the pride I feel in this organization.

I invite you to learn about the work we do and become a member of our elite Beverly Hills Police Foundation.

Dave Snowden Signature Chief Sandra Spagnoli